Not So Terrible Two's

By The Boss Moms Coach (other events)

2 Dates Through Mar 15, 2018

Peace, Love, and Hijab beloveds!

This webinar is all about tips to manage your busy day as a boss mom while looking after your little ones. I invested in learning some ways to get over the two biggest guilts I posessed for some time now and i just want to share with you what has been working for me with hopes that you will find out what works for you.  The end is not here! Don't give up ! Stay in it to win it! You made the decison to become a boss mom and you are an amazing one. You just have to find out what will work and give you a piece of mind about it all! There is a way! I also bring along my own experience of a mother of 7 children whom 5 I homeschooled while starting my business. It was tough but I learned to make things easy, All Praises due to God!

I will share with you:

4 tips to stay productive without sitting in front of the computer all day long

Ways to calm your toddler so that you could get a piece of mind 

Ways to teach your toddler about space and time

3 ways to Do Less and Have More